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  1. its just scam,while every forex broker worldwide give a oppurtunityes to withdraw money through differnet payment proccessor without any hesitation which amount was deposited by libertry reserve.there, the decision of instaforex about liberty reserve is just a crime against forex trader's .we should beware the online forex coummunity about this insane scaming decision of instaforex.
  2. ধন্যবাদ জয় ভাইকে,অনেকদিন থেকেই forex এর সাথে আছি কিন্তু ক খোনো trailing stop নিয়া মাথা ঘামাই নাই কিন্তু আপনার লেখা প্রে trailing stop বিষয়টা clear হয়ে গেলো
  3. thank you for your post.really a nice and effective post.i think it will be a effective guidline for all the newbie traders.
  4. may be they banned you.sometimes they bannd for a definite time.but maximum time they bannded for indefinite period of time without any reason.:(