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  1. Ami mone kori jara continous income korte pare tarai sofol babsaye. Ami FreshForex theke everyday around 50 pips profit kori and ata ami almost 2 years dhorey kortechi so ai dhoroner profit key onek ta sofol bola hoi.
  2. Asole trading er jonno jothesto experience dorkar karon Forex dekhte onek easy mone holeo asole easy na. Apni dekhben jokhon e kono position open korben tokhon e loss a achen tar karon ata khub e critical so learn properly before start to trade.
  3. Amar mote money management e holo sobceye uttam koushol karon amader one trader e proper money management er ovabe Forex a loss kore so apni next time ai bapare bistarito likhe onek upokrito hobo. https://i.imgur.com/J84X2ZF.png
  4. As per my view EUR/USD is very safe to gain money even this is the more stable pair in the whole Forex marketplace. To trade this pair I will recommend new comers to use FreshForex as they offers just 1 pip spread. [img]https://i.imgur.com/J84X2ZF.png[/img]
  5. apnar lekhata pore onek valo laglo kintu akta bishoi jeta amader sokoler jana ucit je valo broker chara amra kokhono profit korte pari na karon broker jodi apnar biporite trade open kore thake tahole broker e win korbe so ai khtre ami sokolke bolbo FreshForex broker use korte karon tader 515 bochorer service a kono compain ney.
  6. Amar jana mote jekhane profit and loss duitai ache setai Halam so Forex a to duitai ache tahole ata kivabe haram holo amonki Forex theke Taka uparrjon korte jothesto porisrom korte hoi. Ami onek din dhorey FreshForex broker a trader kori jekhane 300% deposit bonus always paowa.
  7. We know that forex is not an easy matter. Due to a lack of trading knowledge and working with fake brokers, investors are getting lose. Therefore before investing traders should gain proper knowledge on trading and choose a reliable broker like FreshForex which provides 1:2000 leverage, 300% instantly deposits bonuses, spreads starting from 0 pips, and all kinds of technological supports.
  8. Thanks a lot for providing informative news which is very important in trading. To become a good trader he has to practice more. Trader may practice in demo account then should invest in real account. In addition that, traders should avoid emotion which is dangerous for trading, here they should focus on the broker's policy. Honestly speaking, for 7 years I am doing trade with FreshForex which provides 1:2000 leverage, 300% deposits bonuses, lower spreads, and narrow margin levels.
  9. A ton of brokers we can see in the trading world but is all are trustworthy? Obviously not. Therefore selecting a reliable broker is very important for the traders. My broker is FreshForex which was established in 2004 and regulated company. It provides the best offers likely 1:2000 leverages, 300% instantly deposits bonuses, no extra charges spreads starting from 0 pips, and so on. To be honest, I just follow my broker strategy.
  10. Ha ata thik Forex a gain kora easy na karon Forex a price prediction deowa khub e kothin amonki kokhon kon deshe ki news hoi seta janao tough even majhe majhe Forex pair gula valo news thaka sotteo reverse a jay so sob kichu miliye Forex etota easy na.
  11. Just to add with you that FreshForex is now providing highest level affiliate commission than other broker even they always provide all the latest marketing tools for their affiliate programer so new comers can easily do this to make royality income.
  12. Yes, I do agree with you that in FreshForex we get a comparatively lower spread even they are now offering 300 percent deposit bonuses where traders can trade this without any hesitation. Another important part is that they have a high-level security option where no one can hack any investor's account details.
  13. Bangladesh a to asole kono broker e ney so apni kivabe trade korben. Apni online theke search diye valo akta broker a join korley hobe cause onek broker ar now legal papers royeche.
  14. Ami thik bujhte parlam na je apni kon broker a demo account kholar cesta korechilen. Jaehok kichu din age ami FreshForex broker ar under a akti demo account khule 500$ amount niyechi ebong sekhane ami naki aro 49 bar demo practise korte parbo. Sob thik thakle apni aikhane try korte paren.
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