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I-FX Simple Supper Trading System

Trading strategy setup:

Currency pair: EUR/USD or any other pairs.

Time frame: 15 min

Indicators: Zigzag, Stochastic, Moving Average- Simple,

Manual Support & Resistance

Indicator input:

Zigzag= 24, 10, 6

SMA= 96, 480

EMA= 200 (optional)

Stochastic= 14,3,3

Trading Rules: This is very simple trading system for the traders who love day trading. In my system I used 3 different indicators which will help to make a good entry and exit setup. This system may not work in extreme volatile or supper trendy market. The Reward to Risk ratio depends on you and recommended risk level is not more than 2% per trade.

Entry Rules: First put SMA to confirm trend. Here I use Black line as SMA 96 and Red line as SMA 480. When Red SMA cross price, black SMA and RED SMA stay down we have uptrend confirmation. After that we will draw support & resistance using Zigzag swing high and low points. Finally we will take our Entry based on Stochastic over sold conditions and support resistance. Here most Important thing is we will trade only favor on trend. So when we have upward trend confirmation we will just go for long using horizontal support & resistance line following Stochastic oversold condition. In the down trend we will use same rules i.e Vice versa.

Exit Rules: We will close Trade based on previous Support or Resistance. If we hold position for long we will set our TP on recent resistance or vice-versa. for short entry. I have 3 different Stop-loss (SL) rules. First you can set your SL on recent support below immediate support. 2nd u can set your SL below 200 EMA line. 3rd u can use 20 pips par trade.

Here is Short Setup using I-FX System:

Posted Image

I-FX Trading System Developed by

D.Hossain Ifti

Chief Technical Analyst at TigerFX Bangladesh

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